Monday, 18 April 2011

Cook-a-doodle-doo's a chilly Monday morning. I am beginning to recognize that this 'weekend flying by too quickly' business is becoming a trend (and not a good one, I'll add).

My weekend was sports filled -- starting with Friday: Soccer Schmid had an early game, which meant he got off of work a bit early, in order to make it to Canlan for his 'pre-game Caesar' ritual (have I ever mentioned that my hubby is a superstition extraordinaire?)

The game didn't start till 610pm but we were there as early as 5pm.
This was a really important (playoff) game, as they, the lowest ranked team, were scheduled to play the #1 team in the division. Plus, there was some worked up animosity between their teams from previous interactions, so the game promised to be chippy.  
We (Xander and I) sat and watched from upstairs:

The game was frustrating to watch.  My hubby's team ended up losing 0-5. *womp womp* With not-so-good spirits, the team gathered upstairs in the restaurant for some last hurrah pitchers and called it a season.

That night, we came home, chilled and tried to put the day behind us. Unfortunately, we caught game 2 of the NHL playoffs, and watched our beloved Blackhawks get their butts kicked by the Canucks :( a terrible night for sports -- went to bed super early - like 10pm early. Hoped Saturday would be a better day.

In anticipation of the Bulls first playoff game, we got up super early.
*Please, please, PLEASE let todays game have a better outcome*

Thank the basketball gods for an amazing come-from-behind win in the last few minutes of the game!  This called for a celebration! Grilled cheese sandwiches! Go Derrick Rose!!

After much procrastinating and ass-dragging, I mustered up the energy to go grocery shopping. Our fridge and pantry were practically bare and we had NOTHING to eat for dinner *sigh*
Made my looong list based on my weekly meal plan, and was on my way.
Got a load of food for exactly 200 bucks on the nose (how weird, huh?).  The rest of the weekend would be filled with cooking and eating.  Two of my favourite things.

Sunday morning differed immensely from my usual Sundays.  "Oh? in what way?" you ask?
Two words: Moksha Yoga.
Yes - I finally made it out for my first ever, hot yoga class.  With heavy recommendation from my cousin Cathy, I met her and my other family members at the Waverley location for an 1130am class.

Since I'm probably the only person on Earth that hasn't tried Yoga, I'll save myself from sounding like a complete fool by attempting to describe it's greatness...all I can say is WOW> I loved it.  

The sixty minutes flew by, and I can honestly say that I was sad when the class came to an end.
I will definitely be signing up for their intro 30-day pass!

So after stretching out all of the stress and sweatin' out all of the toxins, I was motivated to come home and prepare some healthy meals for the week.  

Keeping with my promise to implement "Meatless Monday's" into our lifestyle, I prepped a tortilla lasagna - packed full of veggies, light cheese, whole wheat tortillas, salsa and black beans:

Baked it and threw it in the refrigerator for Monday night.

While the lasagna baked, I prepared Sunday nights dinner -- felt like something warm and hearty, since 2 out of 4 of us were seemingly catching colds.  

Cooked up a pot of soup -- with veggies galore, ham sausage, whole wheat macaroni and low sodium beef stock.  Yum! 

Xierra's quote of the night: "I'm not even holding my breath when I eat the soup!  I LIKE IT!"
Umm...okay.  And I thought she liked my cooking all the time.

So while the Blackhawks sucked the bag for the third straight playoff game (losing 2-3 to the Canucks), I spent more time in the kitchen preparing a couple variations of quinoa salads, which I'll share 'finished' photos of throughout this week.  Here are a couple teasers:

So that was the weekend.  Nothing overly-interesting to report.  Oh, but just for some giggles, check out this photo of Xander being an ass :P *har har*

  • went to the gym bright and early and got in some fair cardio.  My body is sore from yoga 
  • this was breakfast today

  • going to stay home and maybe attempt to organize my closet 
  • gotta try and nurse Xander back to good health.  Not diggin' the snot-face
  • gonna try to take a walk and pick Xierra up from the bus stop

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