Saturday, 16 April 2011

You See a Shutter, I see a....

I went to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for the first time.  I wasn't looking for anything in particular, but while browsing, I happened upon this :

Just looks like a plain old shutter, right?  Right.  Because it is..

This was my only purchase that day.  TWO BUCKS! Yes, one toonie, was all it took to put the cheeeesiest smile on my face, for a project that I have been waiting to do for quite some time now.  Well... I'm not sure that this can be considered a 'project' -- maybe more of an 'idea'?

I took it home and didn't really alter the shutter whatsoever.
Hm.. well, I CLEANED it and mounted a picture hanger on the back of it...does that count??

I thought about painting it, but the ugly orangey-coloured wood kind of matches the mirror in my room, so for now, it’s just gonna stay that colour.
And since the suspense is killing you, here is the reason for the excitement...*drum roll*

TA-DAAAAH!! An awesome earring display :D

Oh yes my friends, I DO have that many earrings.  In fact, I just bought 3 new pairs yesterday, which aren’t in the photo.  *sigh*  Love them.

I took a trip to Home Depot and picked up a few packages of ‘S’ hooks for a couple bucks -- I intended to use them to hang necklaces off of, but realized that my hoop earrings needed a home, so after hammering them into place (apparently the s loop wasn’t quite large enough) I created a little living space for the hookless earrings

I eventually plan on hanging the shutter on the wall, but not until I find a chair for the corner - just in case I have to shift the dressers, I didn’t want to have to re-centre the shutter and put an un-necessary hole in the wall.  Y’dig?

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