Friday, 21 December 2012

Visa Received, USA entered!

My interview was on a Thursday, and on the following Monday, I received a call from the Loomis office, saying that my package had arrived!
Loomis in Burlington
the 'package'
I had already booked our flight for Tuesday evening, and was packed and ready to go.  The next day was just spent hanging out and making sure that we had everything we needed for the big move.

bye kuya Tyler!
The day of our flight was long -- we got dropped off to the airport SUPER early because I wanted to give us plenty of time to go through immigration to settle our paperwork.  We got through security and headed through customs with no issue.  We were directed into the Immigration Office, where an officer took our sealed package and went through it.  It didn't take more than 15 minutes.  He welcomed us to the States, and we continued on our way to our gate.
We had a couple of hours before our flight, so we got some food, kicked up our feet and got comfortable:

The flight was nice and easy.  We landed in at O'hare with no issue.  Xander was super awesome on the plane and was so excited to see his dada

We made it!
And just like that, we were landed immigrants -- the 6 month journey was finally over, and we were together as a family again!

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