Monday, 11 February 2013

Dining Room Mood Boards

The dining room is going to be the very first thing people see when they walk into our new house.  There's a lot of (self inflicted) pressure to make an impression with this room and I'm struggling to find the direction I want to go with decorating it.

The Furniture
- There's one piece that's going to play a huge role in the design of the dining room -- we salvaged it from Brian's grandfather's home, shortly after he passed.  It's a big, solid wood, ornate dresser that belonged to Brian's grandmother.  We'll be sanding it down, repainting it and repurposing it as our buffet.
- Another piece that we've already settled on, is a tufted banquette from World Market.  I really want to mix up the seating in the room, and am choosing to do so with this awesome sofa-looking piece.  
- Lastly, I am dead set on having a good old solid wood dining table.  Preferably big enough to seat 8-10 people.

Idea #1: Safe and Neutral
I like the idea of keeping everything neutral and just using accent pieces like artwork, vases and pillows, to pull color into the room (less commitment).
The table pictured above is from West Elm and is as solid as 'solid wood dining tables' can get (but it unfortunately comes along with the SOLID price tag). This look would be all about mixing up some old, some modern and some rustic... then hitting the space with a little hint of glam and sparkle.

Idea #2: Mature Navy
Recently, I've become extremely attracted to Navy blue. I feel like it would bring a nice addition of color into the dining room without being overly trendy:
I've been searching for a navy blue rug to anchor the room with.  I found one at Crate & Barrel but when I went to see it in person, it didn't quite have the 'richness' in the blue that I was hoping for (I do love the oversized Ikat pattern -- it's almost too big to make it out).
An alternative to the $1200 West Elm dining table, would be a cheaper ($449) table from Ikea -- definitely lesser in quality, but lighter on the pockets (I'm not exactly Mrs. Moneybags, you know)  I would settle for this table, as it has the capacity to seat up to 10 people and it still has the wood 'charm' that I'm longing for.
Opposite the banquette, would be 3 wooden chairs (also salvaged from Brian's grandparent's home).  They're originally from the late 50's and will need some TLC, but I love the idea of incorporating pieces with history. To know that my mother-in-law sat in these chairs as a little girl, is super sweet to me.
The more I look at this mood board, the more I'm liking it.  I just hope I can pull it off.

Other Considerations
A few other elements that I'm struggling with are:
- a chandelier - do I go modern? do I go classic?
- curtains - bold pattern or solid? 
- head table seating - I don't even know where to begin...
- artwork - want something with vintage flair, but has to be significant

Hopefully I'll find some solid inspiration soon.  I'm gonna have to get Pinterest'ing and Houzz'ing to get more ideas because this uncertainty is making me crazy!

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