Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Week 7

Well there I was, with 10 days left in the competition, dealing with woman problems again.
I knew that this was the last stretch before our final week of the challenge, so I had to do everything right if I wanted to have a good final weigh in. I almost wrote this week off, knowing that hormones were going to take over and make me retain water, but I decided to just go all in and hope for the best.

Heck, by this point, I wasn't even concerned about winning the competition (partly because I saw how bad my husband was kicking ass in his weight loss and knew he was gonna win) -- I just really wanted to go out with a bang -- knowing that my hard work and sacrifice wasn't a complete waste of time.
Some common staples in my fridge

Salad, every day. Sometimes twice a day

Doesn't make for the most attractive kitchen, but this contraption is partly to thank for my progress

Starting weight: 139.4 lbs.
Week #1 weigh in: 133.8 lbs.
Week #2 weigh in: 131.9 lbs.
Week #3 weigh in: 137.0 lbs.
Week #4 weigh in: 134.4 lbs.
Week #5 weigh in: 134.4 lbs.
Week #6 weigh in: 132.6 lbs.
Week #7 weigh in: 130 lbs.
Progress: -9.4 lbs.

I committed the last 10 days to low calories, ass-kicking workouts, super long outdoor walks (upto 2 hours on some days!) and drinking a shit ton of water.
And it paid off!

Stay tuned...

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