Monday, 25 April 2011

Feelin' a bit BOHO-ish

Although typical boho fashion incorporates a lot of loose-fitting pieces, I have found myself constantly shying away from buying these types of clothes because I feel that they make me appear LARGER than I really am.  Based on this photo... would seem as though my assumption is true. 

I am gonna' go ahead and say this though -- even though I look kinda' wide in the photo above, I did actually like this outfit, primarily because it was comfy-cozy and because the loose fitting top made me feel less self conscious of my (still-needs-some-work) mid-section.

The top is a comfortable and super light fabric -- think about that super old pyjama tshirt that you have that you can't bear to let go of even though it is 2x too big, and has been washed so many times that the screen printing is falling off, and the fabric is so worn down that the shirt is practically see-through...uh, yeah... it's kinda like that, but nicer.

I bought it from Target, and I got it in a size XL for a few reasons: 
1) that was the only size they had left
2) it's loose-fitting enough to fall off my body 
3) I can cinch a belt just above my ribs and tadaah! it's a totally different top! 
4) it has 't' back that makes my back feel sexy and 

I love the asymmetrical detail of these ruffles, only found on the one side:

Paired the top with some skinny jeans, and threw an off-white cardigan over top.  Chose to go with my grey high-heel boots (very boho inspired) and wore these off-white metal earrings from Forever 21.

I'm going to slowly add some more pieces to my wardrobe and hope that I can, one day, be comfortable sporting this style of fashion..

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