Thursday, 14 April 2011

The old switcheroo

Okay, I'm not going to lie -- switching from my iWeb blog format to Blogger is less than fun.  I've decided to make the switch (for now, anyway) because Blogger seems to be where everyone's at, plus there are some great tools available to make the blogging experience 'easy'.
HOWEVER, I'm really really hating the fact that I have to upload all of my photos *thumbs down*.  Yay for iWeb and integrating iPhoto in with software -- making it as easy as dragging and dropping your photos, right from your computer to your blog. Biggest function I'll miss, by far.

So here I am -- a "Blogger".  I've already spent a bunch of time tweaking my page.  I've transferred over a few of my past posts from my original blog - so far, I've only gotten as far as my 'Project: Fashion Forward, Frugally' posts.  Again, having to upload the pics has slowed me down tremendously.  *sigh*  Why isn't there a better way...

Well, we'll see if this lasts -- I'm giving it a chance.  

Bear with me through this time of transition -- links may not function properly.  I'm workin' on it ;)

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