Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Cinco days in Mayo

A blanket of blog-laziness came over me these past few days...actually, to be completely honest -- because I know that nobody is following my blog, I kinda' felt a little discouraged to update.  I really didn't want this to get me down though, because the reason why I'm here isn't to build a following.  I have to remind myself of that.  I started blogging because I needed an outlet -- so here I am, with an overdue post:

Brian and I have made it a tradition to go to Don Pedro's every year to celebrate Cinco de Mayo (even though NOBODY celebrates it here in Canada).  Thursday night was the Bulls game, and we  weren't going to miss it for dinner out.  Instead, I got dressed up and met him for lunch -- just the two of us...and it was nice :)

A warm summer-y day called for a light-coloured outfit.
Offwhite cardigan and flowered tunic from Forever 21, white (pre-prego size FOUR) capris from Zara and my silver sequin flats from Target: 

Mmmmm...those are some goooood cheeeeeeeps.
With time to kill after lunch, I popped into Mike's General Store on St. Anne's.  The place is pretty tiny, but I've always wanted to check out what kind of antiques they had -- perfect day to do it.

FRIDAY: 6am yoga class...The rest of the day was lazy, at home with Commander Xander. I did some client work during the day when X napped, and I crafted at night (more to come about this project).  It was a fairly nice day, so I took Xander for a walk to the store to pick up a few things, and timed it with daddy coming off the bus.  We walked home together - Xander kept us amused, the entire way...

Saturday was chill during the day -- it consisted of cutting Bri's hair and cleaning the house.  This was the night that we were having a sitter come over to watch Xander, while we went out ON A DATE :D
Since both of us completely dropped the ball on making dinner reservations (we're amateurs - who knew EVERY good restaurant would be completely booked on a Saturday night?!) we wound up at Earl's St. Vital -- which was completely fine, no complaints here.
After dinner, we caught a show at the Theatre (we both say that with our poor English accents, so as not to be confused with a 'movie theatre'...we're FANCY!)
We watched The 39 Steps @ MTC, which was hysterical at some points, and enjoyable all around.  

The day started off great, with this fantastic breakfast:

Look at my husband's culinary skillz: EGGS IN A BASKET!
After breakfast, Xander took his first REAL steps!! What a fantastic Mother's Day gift :D xoxo...
Unfortunately, Mr. Brave bonked his face on the coffee table and gave himself a shiner :(  He's a tough cookie though, and didn't cry for very long.  I think I was more devastated than he was.  But to make light of the situation, the black eye made him look pretty bad ass...

Later in the afternoon, we were off to my cousin's house for Mother's Day with the family...
Papa Bear and Baby Bear

Mama Bear and Baby Bear

Mama Bear, Baby Bear and Sister Bear
We all did our part and helped prepare a few dishes -- great food, good company...made for a pretty enjoyable day.

Here's Xander with Great-Lola (grandma):

MONDAY: 6am yoga class that completely wiped me and induced a 3-hour-long nap with Xander in the afternoon.  It's alright though, cuz it was gloomy outside anyway.  The weather made staying in, a little more bearable.  
Spent the rest of the day doing chores and hangin' with the kids.  Cooked dinner, ran out to Michael's to pick up some supplies, crafted the rest of the night and went to bed....and now it's Tuesday.

Am I boring or what?!

  • A bit of client work this afternoon
  • Pick daddy up from work
  • Soccer game at 6:10pm, which means dinner at The Thirsty Penguin

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