Thursday, 5 May 2011

Wowzers, Trousers!

Not too much going on, this day.. sunny skies always make for nice outtings though.  I took care of a bunch of stuff at home in the morning and really had nothing going on for the rest of the day.  I proposed a lunch date with my husband, and he bit.  Sweet!  An excuse to dress up and leave the house.

I chose to dress semi-casual - afterall, I was meeting him at his *downtown* building, which is littered with business professionals.  Today, I kinda' felt like fitting in with the crowd.

I'm not sure what it is these days, but I'm seemingly drawn more and more to fine STRIPES.  This top was bought last year at Urban Planet for like, $10.  I can't decide whether the cinched garter at the rib line is working for me or against me?  I feel like it should be accentuating my shape, but every now and then, I catch myself in the mirror and think it accentuates my big ol' child-bearing hips. Bah!
Threw on a pair of black trouser pants (pre-pregnancy, and they FIT!) and a pair of wedge sandals.

Wore some decorative earrings from Forever 21, a neutral facetted bead necklace and a few bangles.

We ended up having Sushi at Umi Sushi in the Winnipeg Square concourse.  Tiny place, but nice. Dada was in a little bit of an off mood, but I'm hoping that lunch with his lady brought a little bit of sunshine to his day...

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