Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A dropped ball?

A little late to be commenting on the Royal Wedding, I know (yes, I watched it live; yes, I loved it; yes, I might've shed a tear or two).  But as I was sorting through my iPhoto, I came across this photo I took at The Old House Antique Mall a few weeks ago:

Did I totally drop the ball on this?  Could this possibly be worth something?  Given the fact that it's a commemorative mug for, none other than, "Their First Child" Prince William - I figure there's someone out there going completely ga-ga for stuff like this, no?

Aw well.

I've spent the majority of my morning making phone calls and filling out applications.  A really bad thing happened last week, which has left me scrambling to protect my identity -- *GASP*  I reassure you, I'm not an undercover agent, I am not a fugitive, nor am I in the witness protection program (or AM I? *dun dun dun*).  I won't go into detail, for now..at least until I get everything in order.

Yesterday was a mediocre day - didn't have too much going on.  Xander and I met my long-time friend Franco for lunch at Earls St. Vital.  Always nice to catch up with him, as it seems his life is moving at such a fast pace.  A week without talking to him, is comparable to missing 2 months worth of the Young and the Restless.  So much happens in so little time - it's hard to keep up.

Here he is with Mr. Xanderman:

Xander with Uncle Franco

Xander and Mama
After lunch, I just headed home with the little munchkin (Xander, not Franco) and waited for Xierra to come home from school.  The rest of the night was super laid back.  Soccer Schmid had a game, so it was just me and the kiddies.  There are only so many days left before I have to go back to work, so I try to embrace these slow moments and take 'em in for what they're worth. 

  • Xander's a daycare so I get the day to catch up on me-things: i.e. running around
  • Grocery shop, for real this time
  • Yoga with Xierra (and family) @ 430pm

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