Monday, 20 June 2011

The busiest week, this year

Time flies.  In the last 2 weeks, I blogged ZERO times, and it's because there was just too much stuff going on around the Schmid Crib.
First thing's first -- My baby boy turned ONE!! Holy moly.  Let me say that again..  My baby boy turned ONE.  Whoa.
And to help celebrate this pivotal turning point in his life (my life, rather) we had a couple... wait, I mean a couple couples, visit us from out of town.  Bri's parents (bka G'ma Jan and G'pa Larry) took a long and scenic drive up from Chicago and my sister (plus husband, toddler and growing fetus in her belly) flew in from Mississauga, Ontario.  What a busy week it was, with planning a 1st birthday party and entertaining/spending quality time with 5 out-of-towners.  Busy, to say the least... but awesome at it's best.

My calm before the storm was Thursday morning -- dropped Xanderman off at daycare and enjoyed a quiet, relaxing moment on the patio of Stella's, enjoying the sun and the fabulous food:

Party planning, in full effect:

And because I wasn't already SO in love with Stella's (the restaurant), they went ahead and opened a separate bakery next door!  *droooool*  Oh, how I love thee:

Check out the repurposed church pews and stools:
A friendly chit-chat with one of the girls that worked at the bakery, led me realize that I'm not alone in my obsession of vintage blog sites :) Super friendly staff, and super awesome Parisian-style uniforms.  My fave.

I picked up a loaf of brioche (which I have been searching for EVERYWHERE in the city and haven't been able to find) and a half a dozen of these suckers:
My in-laws thought the world of these Cinnamon buns..."these are the real deal"

I trotted around town for the rest of the day, running errands for my baby boy's birthday party.  Here I am, in a loosely thrown-together outfit:

Let the chaos begin...

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