Monday, 20 June 2011

A crafty 1st birthday party

I'll preface the borage of photos with this:  A touch of love went into every element of this special  day; from the party favours, to the food, to the activities and the fun.  I always want the best for my kids, and I hope that one day, Xander can look back at this and appreciate the effort that I put into making his day as special for him, as it was for his guests:

Loot 'items' for the kids (will post more on these, later):

My homemade photobooth for the kids to enjoy:

We rented a bouncy castle for the kids to jump around was a hit:

 My little Xanderman, 'enjoying' his smash cake (way less enthused than expected):

The party doubled as a mini-baby shower for my expecting sister.  I made up a separate dessert table in honour of the baby girl in her belly:

I baked spice cupcakes and displayed them on two cake stands that I stacked on top of each other.  Made for a pretty cute presentation, no?

There's Jaxon, before the party -- I think this was his way of calling dibs on that seat...little did he know, he would be spending his entire night in the basement :(

At the end of the day, all of my party planning paid off -- the guests seemed to enjoy themselves, and best of all, my little 1 year old was surrounded by people who love him dearly.


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