Friday, 3 June 2011

I think the turkey dug me..

Xierra's school BBQ wasn't looking like it was going to pan out -- during the day, we had sheets of rain come down, a power failure at home and super high winds...
But surely, come 5pm, the sunshine decided to make an appearance and all of a sudden the evening became glorious and amazing.

I bought this super colourful short-sleeved dress last week, but with our weather being BRUTALLY cold and gloomy, I didn't get a chance to wear it...until now:

I threw on this blue 3/4 length cardigan that I bought before I got pregnant, and wore a light turquoise beaded necklace:
What a great opportunity to break out an old pear of navy tights that had been stuffed in the back of my closet for nearly 2 years!  Oh, and those magenta glittery flats?... Uh, yeah...I went there.
 The evening was pleasant, and filled with screaming kids and patient parents...but the highlight of the entire event was this guy:

Gosh, I'd never seen a turkey this up close before (you could PET HIM!)... he walked in circles in the middle of the petting cage, grumpy as hell -- and even let out a few GOBBLE GOBBLE's every now and then.  Hilarious.
I'm fairly certain he liked my outfit though :P

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