Saturday, 4 June 2011

Holy Whack-a-mole-y!

Last weekend, I chose to delve into a MAJOR project -- organizing my closet. GAAAH!
It's one week later and it's *mostly* done (aside from this pile of clothes on my office chair, that I'm sitting on because I ran out of hangers).  I haven't taken any 'after' shots, but I wanted to share the 'before' pics:  

This is what my bed looked like when I pulled out all of the clothes on hangers:
 And this is what the closet looked like:

Okay, so maybe I own a lot of clothes. Yes, clothes on the bed, clothes on the chair, clothes on the floor AND clothes in the basket(s).  *sigh*

I'll work on the rest of it this weekend and hopefully get around to taking photos of my progress.
Wish me luck!

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