Friday, 3 June 2011

ICE BUKO...creamy coconut freezies

My grandparents used to break out these AMAZING homemade popsicles when we were young -- only when we were being good.  They were magical at the time, and somehow we slowly stopped getting them.... hmmm..

Along with 'Blueboy Vanilla Ice Cream' (does anyone remember this??) it was one of my favourite treats growing up, and it wasn't until NOW that I decided to attempt making them myself.

We called them Ice Buko (buko, meaning coconut in Tagalog).  
I asked my cute little lola what I needed to buy:
- young coconut
- condensed milk
- milk

SERIOUSLY LOLA?! THREE ingredients?  20 years of my life have passed, ice buko-less, because I thought it was some complicated recipe.  Yeesh.
So that's it, you buy a package of frozen young coconut (sold in Asian supermarkets).  I got the stuff in the bag.  Defrost it and put it in a bowl:
One can of condensed milk and about a cup and a half of milk.  My lola told me to use homogenized milk for the best result.  Um.. no thanks lola, I'll try to save calories wherever I can. Two percent it is:

 *mix mix mix*

Since I seem to have thrown out my old popsicle moulds, I had to make due with what I had on-hand.  I had these long narrow baggies kicking around (yes, really) and some extra silver twist ties.  They did the trick.  Just pour mixture into baggie and twist them shut - leaving a little bit of air in there, to allow mixture to expand during the freezing process.

I placed them in plastic cups to keep them upright (not necessary) and put them in the freezer:

I didn't take an 'after' photo... so.....

Sorry for sucking.

They did turn out absolutely delicious though, just in case you were wondering.

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