Sunday, 20 November 2011

Visual stimulation OVERLOAD.

I'm slowly, but definitely SURELY getting sucked into this huge world of visual inspiration -- it's making me nervous.

Pinterest, Colourlovers, Etsy -- the main culprits.

Being as passionate as I am about my creative side, these types of websites are just what I need to work up the inspiration for some of my projects.  On the flip side, these websites are also very dangerous and can quickly turn a 'browse' into 'half a day wasted, looking at STUFF'.

I need to learn to control my time surfing these sites and know when enough is simply enough.  Otherwise, I find myself overwhelmed with ideas and end up doing absolutely nothing productive with them.

Happy to share that I had an awesome client consultation this afternoon, with a couple that is theming their wedding around "A starry starry night" :)  Should be fun and exciting!  Can't wait to get started..

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