Thursday, 20 September 2012

I can be just as good.
There are a few blogs that I've continued to follow over the last couple of years - not religiously, but frequently.  After looking at my bookmarked favourites, I recognized that they're all very similar in content: 1) blog is by a woman 2) the woman has a craft 3) the woman is a successful blogger and 4) the woman is a successful crafter.
Their 'crafts' range - anything from jewelry, clothing, sewing, interior design, home renovation, etc. Some of the women are married, some have children, some own their own businesses and some are stay-at-home wives/moms.  All of them?  Inspirational. 
So what's stopping me?  I can be just as successful, no?  The answer is yes.  I will become a better writer and I will attract an audience.  One way or another, I will reach this personal goal.

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