Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Blogging with a purpose

Blogging with a purpose
Over the past 2 years, I've tried to keep up with my blogging. I created a blog when I started my maternity leave after my 2nd child was born. I was home for an entire year, and (seemingly) had a lot of time to do just about anything.  I strived to make blogging a routine, trying to squeeze it in during Xander's nap times. My goal was to create a simple mommy blog - the baby, our meals, crafting, the house, my post-pregnancy fashion and weight loss.  I wrote a whole lot about absolutely nothing.  Or maybe it was nothing to the world, but it was every day to me. My secret hope was to create a little bit of a readership of people who could find even the teeniest inspiration in my life.  But the reality is that nobody cared.  Heck, I barely cared, and eventually I went days, and then weeks and months without updating the blog.  Life just got too hectic, and to be honest, I couldn't handle trying to snap a pic of every blog-worthy moment in hopes that I would find a second out of my chaotic day to actually upload it, let alone write about it.  It just never happened.  
Reading back, I'm glad I had documented a little bit of my life, even if it was short-lived.  the truth of the matter is that there really wasn't any purpose to my writing - I was just doing it to kill time, and time ended up winning the battle. 

But now, I have reached a very pivotal point in my life.  In a very short (and I mean, SHORT) period of time, I've undergone so much change that I don't even know where to begin..
Here's a recap:
  1. Late May 2012 - Brian was contacted about a potential job opportunity in the US
  2. May 31st - Brian accepts job offer; I put in my notice to quit my job (WHAT?! We're really doing this??)
  3. June 2nd - Brian's on a plane to Mountain View, CA to start 3 months of training (uh, yeah.)
  4. June 5th - complete and mail immigration papers for sponsorship to US
  5. June 6th - my last day at Apple (very sad day)
  6. June 20th - officially decide to sell house
  7. July 5th - house hits the market
  8. July 12th - house SOLD
  9. August 2nd - Brian goes to India for last month of training
  10. August 8th - moving company takes my life away in a truck
  11. August 9th - Last day in my home, move in with my cousin
  12. August 13th - notification that immigration application is APPROVED...and now we wait for the next steps..
So it's well into September and the only major change in my life is that I've begun dieting and exercising again.  This is a big deal because to be frank -- it's the ONLY thing I have going on in my life.  I'm unemployed and homeless, my husband is in a different country and I've slowly weened my business down to the bare minimum (i.e. finishing off the final 2 clients of 2012, removed my website, Facebook, etc.)

Yes, June to September was the most hectic my life has ever gotten - EVER.  However, I've finally reached a point where everything is quiet and calm (almost too quiet).  This is not to say that it's not going to pick up again soon though -- once I get my visa in hand, life starts up again, and my next journey begins with the challenges of moving to a different country, buying a house, finding a job, and restarting my business in the US.

I'm spending these last few weeks enjoying my family and friends, in a very 'chill' fashion.

I plan to keep this blog going, to keep everyone in the loop with the going-on's in my 'new' life... I hope I can really stay dedicated to it.

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