Thursday, 4 October 2012

a Grilled Cheese Party

With this new fitness regimen I'm on, I only allow myself to have 1 cheat day a week - Sunday.  
I was never really a supporter of trying to pack a whole lotta' bad food into a 24 hour window, but after 6 days of eating clean, I realized that a cheat day was a really good opportunity for me to calm any cravings that I had throughout the week.
Also, I have made an effort to eat clean for most of the day, and just go 'overboard' for 1 meal (2 at best).

My first Sunday, I admit I went a little nuts.  I had dim sum with friends in the afternoon, and then had a grilled cheese party with them at night -- but not just any grilled cheese, I pulled out the big guns and went FANCY.

Here are the 3 kinds of sandwiches I made:

1) French bread, sliced pear and brie cheese - sprinkled w/ ground pepper
2) Multigrain bread, bacon and havarti cheese
3) Rye bread, apple butter, sliced apple, Bothwell cheddar cheese

Go big or go home
I slathered the bread with good old fashioned butter (no healthy stuff here) and pan fried them.  The pear/brie sandwiches were baked in the oven until the cheese got gooey and delicious.

Thankfully, my bread and cheese cravings were satisfied after this little get-together!

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