Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My kids are not smart.

I'm often told that my kids are 'smart', 'advanced' and 'gifted'
It's been the story of my life since my daughter Xierra was 3 years old and reading her first words.  It has recently continued with my 2 year old son Xander, who already knows what sound every letter makes in the alphabet and speaks clearly and in full sentences. 

As much as I'd like to agree with people when they say that I'm "lucky", I hate to inform them that I don't possess a four-leaf-clover, a horseshoe or a genie in a bottle, for that matter.  I've been handed my own cards, just like they've been handed theirs.

To the parents that wonder what I have done or am doing differently:

I have done nothing above and beyond what a parent should do.  Yes, I read to my kids -- but I'm sure you do too.  Yes, I talk to my kids - so do you.  My kid's watch TV - probably more than yours.. and they're on technology (iPhone and iPad) more than I like to admit.  Yes, I let them play video games.
I didn't breastfeed them more than average (in fact, Xierra only nursed for 3 months).  I don't miraculously have more than 24 hours in my day compared to yours.  I worked full time during my children's infancy, just like most of you. And I should add that I also ran a home-based business on top of working 40-45 hours a week.  Xierra goes to public school and Xander has dabbled in home daycares - no specialized education programs here.  

Perhaps you can credit their dads (yes, plural).  They both have different dads, and somehow my kids are equally intelligent.  But as a mother, I'm the constant.  And I reiterate -- I haven't done anything extra ordinary with raising them, whatsoever.  

Of course there's love -- we all love our kids (right?).  Some of us will show it differently than others, but love obviously plays a huge part in your child's character.  Trust me, I don't love my kids any more than you love yours..

So the question shouldn't be why my kids are so smart.  To me, they are 'normal'.  I'm simply saying that my children are progressing at the only level I know exists.
As a parent, you are ultimately responsible for your child's development.  I can't give tips on how to raise smart, advanced & gifted children - its all on you.

Rather than considering myself 'lucky', I prefer to consider myself extremely grateful for having kids that love me, above anything else.

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