Thursday, 24 January 2013

Pantry problems

I got a call from the designer yesterday.  She said that the construction manager came by the office and chatted with her about some concerns that he had about our kitchen plans.

Back story:
The wall that the fridge is supposed to go on is 59".  The full fridge and full freezer, measure 60" wide, side-by-side, so we knew that we would have to remove the cabinet and make a slight adjustment to the pantry wall, in order to make them fit.
Early on, our designer confirmed with construction manager, that we would be able to push the pantry in by a couple of inches.  After purchasing the fridge and freezer plus trim kit we realized that we would realistically need to push the pantry in by FOUR inches, rather than the 'couple inches' that we originally anticipated. EEK!

for the sake of consistency, this diagram is the reverse of our floorplan, but I'm showing it this way is because all of the blueprints that the designer and construction manager send me are in this format

Back to now:
When I got the call from the designer, she said that the concern with pushing the pantry in by 4 inches  on one side, is that he would have to push it in from the other side as well.  I don't know if this is to maintain the angle of the wall that the door is on? They didn't really clarify.
They brainstormed and tried suggesting that we get rid of the walk-in pantry all together and just have the cabinets wrap completely around the kitchen:
I spent the day humming and hawing about that idea, looking at the pros and cons of losing my walk-in pantry.. but I just couldn't do it.  
Instead, I came up with the following drawings to present to the construction manager, to try to make it work:

this is the original pantry configuration
OPTION 1: re-angle the door
this option would maintain the size of the wall that the freezer would be up against, would push the pantry in by the necessary 4", and would still allow us to keep a 2 ft. wide door to the pantry:

OPTION 2: lengthen freezer wall and shift door to center
- this option would maintain the original angle of the wall, but would lengthen the wall that the freezer would be up against
- my reservation with this option is that the added length to the wall might affect or limit the swing of the freezer door

I guess I just wait to hear back from them... 
I imagine him looking at the drawings and thinking "if it were only that easy"! I know that I have ZERO technical skill, but I figured that presenting these options couldn't hurt.  I'd rather exhaust every effort and brainstorm every idea, before being so quick to give up!

Hopefully, I hear from them soon! 

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