Friday, 30 January 2015

Journey #3 - Right here, Right now

Okay, so we're all caught up on my weight loss journey background, right? Awesome.

Here we are now. The baby is almost 5 months old and I'm 20 lbs. too heavy. The cold weather has been no help...neither was the holiday season (which I assure you, was filled with over-indulging).

While I'd like to believe I can get as fit as I was before the baby, that would be a very unrealistic goal. For one, I don't have access to a gym the same way that I used to -- being on a single household income, I can't justify the monthly expense of a membership right now.
And although a lot of the exercises I used to do required very little equipment, there are still things (like running on a treadmill) that I just can't replicate at home.
Second, I don't see myself being as disciplined as I used to be. Having two kids at home, means that the chances of becoming distracted, have doubled. Knox isn't quite on a solid schedule yet, so a nap could mean an hour of exercise time, or it could mean fifteen minutes of exercise time. Heck, it could very well mean zero exercise time. When he's awake, he prefers to be carried...and that is a problem.
I guess it sounds like I'm making excuses, doesn't it? Hmm..

So this is what this mama looks like now:

Ew. Note the sad face.
Yeeeeeah, you could say I have a long road ahead of me.

My current stats:
Age: 34
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 139.4 lbs.

Goal: 117-120 lbs
I'm hoping to lose approximately 20 lbs. That is equivalent to 15% weight loss. 

My plan:

- Get my stomach stapled

- Hunger strike

- In the past, I've had success with the South Beach diet, which requires me to eliminate carbs and sugars for a 2 week period and then reintroduce healthy carbs after that initial phase. I hope to lose at least half of my 20 lbs. just from diet alone. 

- Of course, I'd like to exercise as many times a week as I can. My exercise plan is a little wishy washy right now, as I mentioned above, I'm not really sure how I'll be able to incorporate it into my day... but I'll come up with something. Hopefully.

- I can't use any types of supplements, as I am still breast feeding. I'll have to be mindful of my calorie intake, if I want to take full advantage of the calorie-burning affects that nursing has. 500 extra calories a day? Sweet. However, I also have to make sure that I'm not under consuming either, as that could affect my production of milk and the quality of it as well. There's a very fine line.

- I'll obviously increase my water intake and eliminate any types of juices or sugary sodas (not that I even ever drink them) and alcohol.

- I'll be tracking all of my meals along the way and will even try to share some of my meal plans and recipes here on the blog.

So there we have it. The challenge has officially started and I have 8 weeks to get into shape!
Let's do this...

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