Thursday, 28 April 2011

Couple day catch-up

With Mr. X being in daycare 3 days this week, I kind of had a chance to catch up on things... particularly, 'me' time and 'Mommy and Yaya time' as well. ('Yaya' has been our nickname for Xierra since she was a wee little thing).

Tuesday was a day of running around - paying bills and shopping for some home essentials.  When Xierra got home from school, we went to St. Vital mall to grab a few things, including lunch.  We went to Moxie's, her second favourite restaurant (Joey's being her first) and enjoyed some quality time together, talking, drawing and well...being goofs.

 This is Xierra's drawing of me...and a bunny rabbit.  Cute right?

After filling our cart at Wal-mart, with kitty litter, diapers, Cadbury Mini Eggs, baby food, formula and sippy cups and THIS:

...we headed over to pick Xander up from daycare and spent the rest of the evening hanging out until daddy got home from work.  Baked a couple of frozen pizza's and watched the Blackhawks get kicked out of the play-offs.

Wednesday was a Mommy day - after yoga, I showered up and headed to the Village for some lunch at Stella's.  Ooooh, french onion soup, how I love thee:

With a couple hours to spare before Xierra getting off of school, I popped into Osborne Antiques Mart (the old "Dutch Maid" building).  

EIGHT ROOMS of treasure.  It seemed never-ending -- one room branched out into 2 more rooms, and those rooms branched out into MORE rooms!  I was in love.

I want this table for my dining room!  It's absolutely gorgeous... I just wish I had $375 kickin' around to buy it.

 I thought this little table would be a perfect piece to refinish -- it's so pretty and has amazing detail!  Still working up the courage to take on a project like that though..
(don't mind the bars in front - i think it was an old headboard base or something)

Another great piece that would be a great 'first' refinishing project -- looks like the upholstering would be fairly straight forward on a chair like this, no?

I just love these kitchen hutches.  I like to believe that my 'studio' would be filled with them.

...that's what she said....?!
Okay, no.

After absorbing all of the goodness in the antique store, I headed home to meet my little girl, and then picked up Mr. X from daycare.  Grilled up some steak and zucchini and enjoyed another night at home with my fam:

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