Monday, 4 April 2011

Productive, to say the least

Enjoying a 'dark and stormy' cocktail (rum, lime and ginger beer) at Bistro 7 1/4...fitting on this gloomy Wednesday afternoon. I'm feeling a little high class, sitting at the chef table all by myself, I'm not gonna lie.

So my day has been awfully productive so far - and although I still have much to cross off my 'to do' list, this little lunch break is much needed.  It's 2pm and the only thing fueling me is a piece of raisin toast and a grande cafĂ© misto.

So as I mentioned in a previous post, something quite terrible happened last week -- my purse was stolen out of the entrance way of my house. Yes, someone came into my home while me and my family slept. Horrifying.
I'm thanking the heavens that we were all kept safe, and that my purse was the extent of what they took from us. As devastating as it is to have lost ALL of my identification, it could have been far, far worse.
After discovering what had happened, I immediately called and reported everything stolen - police, license, credit card, debit cards...passport *face palm*. Everything that I needed to prove my identity was in that purse. That twelve dollar and fifty cent purse.
At 9am, after the devastation was settling, I got a phonecall from a lady who lived a few streets away -- my wallet was found, with all of it's contents scattered all over her lawn. Jesus.
She brought it over and explained that everything seemed to still be inside, with the exception of my drivers license.  She got my phone number off of a Genius Bar appointment receipt that I had kept.  Pays off to be a hoarder.

My credit card was still in the wallet.

In fact, EVERYTHING was still in my wallet.  Debit cards, gift cards, business receipts, loyalty cards, Xierra's birth certificate, a blank cheque, my SIN card... everything except for my birth certificate and health card (which were together in a plastic sleeve) and my drivers license.  Great, 3 pieces of I.D.
Oh, but WAIT! My purse was never recovered -- which means they also have my PASSPORT. Goddammit.
So now, I'm faced with the terrifying reality that someone has 4 integral pieces of my identification. 


Anyway, I did everything necessary to protect myself, above reporting it to the police -- I contacted my bank and called Equifax and TransUnion. 

The morning that it happened, I got started on replacing everything.  I got a temporary license and started getting the paperwork ready for my passport application.  

I went down to Manitoba Health and replaced my Health Card, got my passport photos taken, went to the Hydro building to get Franco to sign my passport application and photos as my Guarantor, went to the passport office to re-apply, only to realize that I needed to fill out an extra form (since the passport was 'stolen').  I had to get a Statutory of Declaration signed by a Lawyer, Commissioner for Oaths or a Notary Public (Yeah, cuz I have THOSE types of people at my disposal?!).  Walked over to City Hall to get that form signed and returned back to the passport office to complete my application process.
And I did all of that, in high heels.

So here I am at the *lovely* Bistro 7 1/4, celebrating my productivity with a fantastic lunch and a drink.  

Braised short rib and blue cheese sandwich 

After this, I have 'vehicle' errands to run (pick up oil, an air filter and a battery) and then I have to pick Mr. X up from daycare.  From there, it's the usual evening routine -- feed the family, watch tv, and catch up on client work.

Happy Wednesday!

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