Monday, 30 May 2011


My little girl was one lucky bugger this year -- in total, she has had 3 separate birthday celebrations (with more to come!).  As it was always a tradition for me growing up, to bring in a cake on my birthday, I decided I wanted to do the same for my little girl.

This year, I went with RAINBOW cupcakes -- cuz what kid (or GROWN-UP) doesn't love rainbows?!

They are super simple to make -- basically bake some vanilla cupcakes in plain white liners.  Frost cupcakes with sky blue buttercream: 

Pipe clouds onto cupcakes with whatever fancy piping tip you have (I used Wilton M1)
Cut rainbow ribbon candy to desired length, place on top of cupcakes - from one cloud to the other:

*depending on how you plan to transport the cupcakes, you might want to keep this in mind when setting the height of your rainbows*

I managed to pack everything into this bin...had to carry the baby and push the stroller with one hand though - I've got MAD MANEUVERING SKILLS!

Cupcakes and milk - the perfect combo!

The birthday girl:

The worst rendition of "Happy Birthday" was sung by these 26 kids:

Here's Mr. X - genius in the making:

Needless to say, the cupcakes were loved by all (including the adults) -- already wondering what next year will hold :)

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  1. Hi, I was wondering if you remember the name of the candy you used as the rainbow? It's the perfect shade for my daughter's party! Thanks!


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