Monday, 30 May 2011

A sunny-day...Sunday.

Met with a client this day and then went over to my aunt's place to celebrate my little cousins birthday.  I was super excited to wear this dress that I bought from Forever 21 a few weeks ago.  The weather hasn't been very nice lately, so I couldn't wear it sooner.

I think I'm secretly in love with stripes and the colour yellow :S

I didn't get a very good pic, but those shoes are brown (I kinda' like how they clashed), AND I bought them from Target for $3.54!  Uh yeah.  Awesome, right?
 Just in case it rained, I wore my 3/4 length trench coat over top

I'm also excited to share that I have dropped a couple of pounds in the past few weeks.  Good? Yes, of course.  Except, I haven't been doing anything to try to lose weight... so I think it's stress-related.  EEk.

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