Monday, 30 May 2011

Xierra's 7th Birthday Party

It's been over 2 weeks since my last post, and it's due to an overwhelmingly massive pile of stress that has been dumped on me and my family.  More on that later.  For now, I must tell you about how FUN my daughter's 7th birthday party was, and how successful it ended up being..

So after about a week's worth of preparing and planning (Miss Do-it-myself, at her finest) I finally pulled it off -- Xierra's party with her friends was nothing short of awesome, and I was totally jealous.  I wish MY mom organized a party like this when I was seven!

We held the party at GymKyds, which is just on the other side of Bishop Grandin from us.  Easy to get to for all of her friends that live in the area.
It worked out, that we had the party room before the girls went downstairs into the Gym.  So that meant pizza, drinks, cupcakes and candy -- all before the crazy-physical gym activities.  Good thing or bad thing? I'm not really sure -- all I know is that they had a LOT of energy even before they consumed the sugar, so just imagine how they were AFTER. 

H-Y-P-E-R! H-Y-P-E-R! H-Y-P-E-R....and hyper was their name-oh!

So I'll start with the 'cake', which really wasn't a cake at all -- it was just presented like one.
I baked some red velvet cupcakes and frosted them with a vanilla cream cheese frosting.  I had these flower cupcake liners from a couple years back, that I always meant to, but never used.  Perfect for Xierra's 'Spring-themed' party.

You know what else was perfect?  The fact that all of the Easter stuff was on clearance at Michael's, so I was able to pick up some cute little butterflies to affix to the cake stand:

I baked these sugar cookies the morning of the party and packaged them up in little boxes:

 I set them out on some fake grass, in front of the little candy bar I created.  The girls lined up and filled little cello bags with candy.  I placed ribbon at the end of the table for them to tie their bags shut:

After blowing out the candles, the girls got their 'loot boxes' and headed downstairs for the fun stuff!

A full hour of activities!  It was magnificent.  What a great place to hold a party :)
After the gym, we came home to relax.  Xierra opened her gifts -- what a lucky girl!  

The rest of the photos from her birthday party can be found here.

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