Tuesday, 26 July 2011

the half-naked mom

Our summer, so far, has been super enjoyable.  Mother nature has been good to us Winnipegers, and my family and I have done our best to take full advantage of the warm hot weather.

With Xierra out of school, she's spending her weekdays over at her dad's / grandma's house(s) -- so when we get her on the weekend, we've been trying our best to spend some quality family time together, doing FUN things.
This particular day, we spent soaking up the rays in the backyard - pool, sprinkler, lawn chairs, beach towels and all.
Add a pitcher or sangria to the mix, and call it perfect:

I am in love with reading this book -- I don't want it to end.  If I were 2000x sexier and a 10 years older, I would think that I wrote the book myself!

Hope everyone is getting out there and enjoying time with their families.  It won't be long till it's -40C, so let's all take in the heat while we've got it!


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