Thursday, 19 January 2012

Falling short...

My past few days have been spent off work (day job) and completely involved in work (business).
With the Wonderful Wedding Show coming up, I've been busy -- real busy. I won't get into details of what I've been working on, as that will come in a later post, but I will say that I've spent numerous occasions wondering what the HELL I was thinking by committing to such a huge project. All week I've been pushing through it and have found myself pleasantly surprised by my own productivity, my ability to persevere and eat up any doubt that I had with my abilities to follow through.  I've overcome obstacles that I never thought I could and have been loving the journey.
So I should be happy with that, right?  Sure.  Except that with the rise of my business and all of the glam that comes with it, I've been falling short in every other aspect of my life.  I've been so focused on getting good at being a 'business woman' and am realizing now, that I didn't even see my baby off this morning when he left with his dad for daycare.  It's past noon and I haven't checked in with my husband to see how his work day is going.  I haven't spoken to my daughter on the phone since she went home with her dad 4 days ago.

I realize that this is just a week of my life that is an exceptional situation, but I'm disappointed in myself for allowing myself to become so involved in work, and so disconnected with my family.

Let this be a life lesson to myself.  Without my husband and kids, I'd be nothing.  Regardless of what they look like when they first wake up on a lazy Sunday morning:
I'm pretty sure Xierra KNOWS what a comb is... she just chooses not to use one
...they are the reason why I wake up in the morning.

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